T.R.Y.B.E HandsT.R.Y.B.E. is a documentary and movement inspired by those who have overcome odds, odds that have left both literal and figurative marks and scars. T.R.Y.B.E. stands for Transform Resurrect Yourself Be Empowered. Our mission is give those the gift of transformation. The gift of healing. The gift of transforming their past wounds, marks and scars, into that something beautiful and uplifting through the art of tattoo. We as a T.R.Y.B.E. are dedicated to telling stories of uplift and triumph which we believe will in turn uplift humanity as a whole. We as a T.R.Y.B.E. are dedicated to healing and uniting humanity as one. As one T.R.Y.B.E. Become part of the T.R.Y.B.E. Leave a mark. Leave your mark.